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State of Ohio Rail Plan

State of Ohio Rail Plan

The State of Ohio Rail Plan complies with federal obligations and provides an opportunity for Ohio's citizens, stakeholders in the rail industry, and federal, state and local government decision-makers to lay out plans for rail in Ohio with an eye toward economic opportunities, goals for the multimodal transportation system, and the role of rail in the statewide transportation system. 

The final plan has received Federal Rail Administration approval and was adopted by the Ohio Rail Development Commission as the official state rail plan on November 20, 2019.

Download the resource documents, including a summary of comments from a recent public survey, from this page :

  • State of Ohio Rail Plan Final 

  • State of Ohio Rail Plan Appendices Final

  • State of Ohio Rail Plan Summary of Comments

 Any questions or comments about the content of the Plan should be directed to Wende Jourdan at Wende.Jourdan@dot.ohio.gov.