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Railroad Crossings

The Ohio Rail Development Commission works closely with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission in coordinating, collecting and reporting data related to railroad crossings in Ohio. 

It is the practice of the ORDC to administer Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Projects for the Hazard Elimination Program (e.g. 130 program) in compliance with 23 USC 130, 23 CFR 646 and 23 CFR 924 and to develop and maintain procedures to ensure full compliance.

The ORDC Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Program is divided into four programs based on the type of project and method of project identification.  The four programs are:

  • Formula-based upgrade program (warning device)
  • Corridor-based upgrade program (warning device)
  • Constituent-identified program (warning device)
  • Preemption program (warning device with traffic signal interconnection)