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Grant and Loan Application

The ORDC's grant and loan program requires a brief one-page application, which can be submitted up front or after discussing a potential project with ORDC's Project Development staff. The goals of the ORDC are outlined below and are the impetus for any project that ORDC would undertake. As part of the application process, a short narrative describing the goal(s)/benefit(s) that the potential project would accomplish is required. The online Grant and Loan application can be accessed via the link below.

Economic Development

ORDC supports a fully integrated, well-managed transportation system that drives business growth, prosperity, job creation and retention. This can be accomplished by:

  • Preserving and enhance existing rail lines and corridors
  • Providing rail access to retain existing and attract new businesses
  • Providing Ohio's communities and industries with transportation options, connectivity and opportunities
  • Encouraging investment in Ohio


Working with the railroads, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Transportation, ORDC supports a safe rail system. This can be done through:

  • Increasing number of locations with warning devices
  • Increasing number of at-grade crossings closed
  • Reducing derailments and other track-related safety incidents

Environmental Benefits

ORDC supports sustainable rail programs and projects that enhance Ohio's environment through projects that:

  • Improving environmental quality, especially in terms of air quality

Efficient Railways

In partnership with the private railroads, ORDC supports a fast, frequent and reliable rail network that connects Ohio to the national transportation system through:

  • Improving on-time performance
  • Preserving, maintaining, expanding and modernizing Ohio's rail system, including main lines and branch lines
  • Preserving existing tracks and rail rights-of-way for future use
  • Improving access to global and domestic markets through seamless intermodal connectivity
  • Providing improved transportation choices for Ohio communities and industries


Application for Grant and Loan Funding